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Project Learning Tree

Project Learning Tree

Project Learning Tree (PLT) is an environmental education program that presents a balanced approach to teaching our children about our forests, forestry, and the environment. It uses the forest as a"window" into the natural world, helping young people gain an awareness and knowledge of the world around them, as well as their place within it.

PLT is a source of interdisciplinary instructional activities and provides workshops and in-service programs for teachers, foresters, park and nature center staff, and youth group leaders. PLT works in the city and the country, whether there is a forest or a single tree. It helps prepare students to make wise decisions about conservation practices and resource use.

To see the PLT/WET/WILD Workshop Schedule, visit the AFA Events page here.

PLT/Arkansas State Curriculum Correlations - click on subject/grade to download PDF

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Children learn how to think, but not what to think, about our complex environment, discover how subjects and skills taught in classroom relate to the world around them, develop skills in creative problem solving, critical thinking, evaluation, and research, and have fun while learning. Teachers receive a ready-to-use PLT guide, resource materials, and a complimentary subscription to PLT's newsletter, the Branch, filled with teaching ideas and activities, discover over 175 activities that help teach science, mathematics, language, arts, social studies, humanities, and other subjects, and participate in a creative workshop that helps improve classroom skills.

Getting Involved

You find out about PLT resources and activities at a workshop or university course held in your area, where you will meet with foresters, resource professionals, and other educators. During this workshop you will:

At the workshops, you receive the PLT guide free of charge and have the opportunity to plan ways in which the guide can be used in your classroom.

To find out when the next PLT teacher workshop will be held in your area, call (501) 374-2441 or e-mail Rob Beadel.

Explore the National PLT web site.